Are Vagacials Safe & Pleasant?

Are Vagacials Safe & Pleasant?

6 Jul 2023

A vajacial or vaginal facial is a unique intimate beauty treatment and is a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and nourishment. It's designed to improve the skin of the external genitalia and involves the use of specialised products, techniques, and tools to help restore and rejuvenate the delicate skin of the vulva. This type of "facial" is becoming increasingly popular as women discover the psychological and physical benefits of having healthy glowing vulvas.

What are Vajacials?

A vajacial is a kind of spa treatment like a facial but on the vulva, focusing on the bikini line and outer labia, not the inside of the vagina. This innovative soothing treatment evens out skin tone, smoothes skin and deals with bacteria. Ingrown hairs, dead skin cells, acne prevention and blemish clearing are all issues that vajacials can help with too, and the process typically includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, ingrown hair removal if necessary and even a mask. The last stage is hydration using a skin brightening serum, spot treatment or light moisturiser. It is a completely external process and is just as safe and enjoyable as a traditional facial.

A healthy Vaginal Area

Vajacials can be done about a week after vaginal hair removal such as shaving or waxing but it is possible to have one the very same day as a Brazilian waxing. They are amazing for preventing and treating skin irritation and keeping the vaginal area healthy in general. There are many cosmetic benefits too and keeping things pretty down below is great for self esteem. We all have bad hair days and get pimples from time to time and vajacials are just as important as a trip to the hairdresser or facials for feeling good and positive about our bodies.

Professional Vajacials

Not all girls and women feel comfortable about bearing all at a salon or clinic, but just like a good manicure or pedicure, it feels and looks great when you treat yourself to a professional vajacial. Luckily it is now possible to purchase special vaginal shields which can help minimise the feeling of being exposed when getting a vajacial done.

Vaginal Shields

These innovative trademarked shields or visors called Vaj J-J are inexpensive, comfortable and disposable making them completely hygienic. The Vaj J-J Ladies intimate area protective shields can be bought in small quantities online and come in several attractive colours. Most importantly of all, the are easy to wear because they fit to the natural shape of your vagina and no painful tape or clumsy straps are needed.

Vaginal Visors help you Relax

By wearing a Vaj J-J visor while having a vajicial, your clitoris and delicate inner skin will be well-protected and many women report feeling less naked and are therefore able to relax and actually enjoy their intimate spa treatment more because of the shield. Believe it or not, vajacials are becoming a popular choice of activity for hen weekends and some salons have even started selling vaginal facial gift cards for birthday or Christmas gifts.

Other uses of Vaj J-J

As far as vaginal shields are concerned they are also really useful to wear during hair removal, laser therapy, while tanning for UV protection and even when shopping and trying on underwear or bikini bottoms. Some women choose to get tattoos on or very near their vaginas and they should definitely wear a protective shield for this, for intimate protection and general comfort.

Safe, pleasant and anti-stress

Vajacials are safe and pleasant but many people aren't used to having their intimate sensitive areas touched and everyone is different physically and emotionally so some women may find it hard to take the plunge. However, once they have tried it often becomes an integral part of their regular health and beauty routine. The treatment is safe for sensitive skin too, and patch test will usually be done beforehand just to make sure. Vaginal facials can be excellent for relieving stress and improving body positivity just like getting a massage, a pedicure, manicure or a facial. As mentioned earlier they can also be arranged as a girly get together in the company of good female friends, perhaps with some bubbly to break the ice.

Vaginal Steaming

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming or V-steaming is not the same as a vajacial. It is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to promote health and wellness in women. It involves sitting over a pot of hot, herbal-infused water and allowing the steam to slowly enter the body through the vagina. This simple yet powerful Eastern tradition is said to help with menstrual cramp pain, fertility issues, postpartum healing, vaginal infections, cysts, and much more.

Steaming to connect with feminine energy

Yoni steaming is also carried out to reduce symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes, help reduce infections or inflammation of the reproductive organs and promote female healing and wellness in general. It is believed to enhance fertility by naturally increasing circulation and delicately balancing hormones. Additionally, it can be used to prepare the uterus for conception, implantation, and pregnancy in general. As well as all that, some women partake in it to help release emotional blocks and relieve stress from their body, allowing for a deeper more peaceful connection with their feminine energy.

Vajacials are external

While with a yoni steaming vapour actually goes inside the female body, a vajacial just focuses on the pubic area, bikini and outer labia and nothing is applied or inserted into to the inside of the vagina. It is non-sexual and non-invasive and there is also a male version available, sometimes known as a "manjacial" not to be confused with a "mankini" which is a kinky type of beachwear or a male Brazilian waxing.

Where to get your Vaginal spa Treatment

One of the best places to get a professional official is at a specialised clinic with experienced staff, specialised tools, products and techniques for achieving the perfect look and feel. Go ahead and ask questions about the process and what they recommend for your specific needs to make sure you feel comfortable about their treatments before making an appointment. Another great option is to visit a spa or beauty salon that offers vajacials. Spas may offer more advanced techniques and services than clinics, such as laser treatments and chemical peels. Many modern day spas, salons and clinics these are inclusive and unisex so couples of all genders and sexual orientation may go for vajacials and manjacials as a Valentine Day treat or on a regular basis as part of a healthy grooming routine.