In time for Vaginal Appreciation Day

In time for Vaginal Appreciation Day

2 May 2024

Unveiling the Va j-j Visor: Where Confidence Meets Comfort, Just in Time for National Vagina Appreciation Day!

Step into a new era of women's empowerment with the launch of the Va j-j Visor “ the sassy, savvy, and seriously protective vaginal shield that's rewriting the rules of intimate care. Developed by women, for women, and with a nod from leading gynaecologists, the Va j-j Visor is here to shake things up and celebrate all things fabulous this National Vagina Appreciation Day!

Say goodbye to worries and hello to comfort with our Va j-j Visor's game-changing design. Made from top-notch medical-grade polymer, it's gentle on your skin and fits like a dream “ because every woman deserves to feel like a queen in her own skin.

When it comes to personal hygiene, the Va j-j Visor doesn't mess around. This bad girl forms a protective shield against everything from harsh chemicals during hair removal to those sneaky UV rays during sunbathing “ leaving you feeling empowered and ready to slay (unironically).

Key Features That'll Make You Say "Yes, Please!":

Hair Removal: Kiss goodbye to those pesky nicks and burns! The Va j-j Visor has your back (or should we say, front?) during all your hair removal adventures, from waxing to laser treatments.

Pubic Hair Colouring: Keep your colours vibrant and your skin safe “ because the Va j-j Visor believes your style should never compromise your comfort! Our visor aims to prevent hair colouring making its way into places it shouldn’t. 

UV Protection: Shielding you from more than just unwanted attention, our Va j-j Visor ensures your delicate areas stay safe from harmful UV rays during your sunny escapades.

Modesty Protection: Whether you're getting inked, pierced, or zapped, the Va j-j Visor's got you covered - literally.

Hygienic Try-Ons: It’s time to say goodbye to awkward fittings. Our Va j-j Visor keeps things clean and classy during swimwear and lingerie try-ons.

Spray Tanning: Because nobody likes a tan line where it doesn't belong! Va j-j Visor keeps things looking smooth and even during your spray tan sessions.

Why Va j-j Visor? Because We've Got Your Back (And Front!)

  1. Made in the USA, because we believe in American ingenuity “ and your right to feel fabulous.
  2. Gynaecologist approved, because when it comes to your lady parts, only the best will do.
  3. Hygienic and disposable, because nobody’s got time for cleaning after a long day of embracing your inner goddess!
  4. One size fits all “ because empowerment comes in all shapes and sizes”.
  5. Recyclable, because saving the planet is just as important as celebrating your amazing self!